W Residence

A 25 year old home, very tired and dated was crying out for transformation. The clients were ready and excited to embrace a change. With a modest budget, they needed support, clever design and tight project management to transform many spaces in their house.

A very collaborative process began working closely with the clients to create a mood board of visionary ideas at the very early stage. Then the real guts of process commenced.

We started to peel away the old, and introduce the new. But choices were made carefully, without spending vast dollars everywhere, key areas justified a little more. For the most part, furnishing pieces and finishes were sourced from various suppliers with a very cost effective objective in mind. Some existing pieces were retained and melded with the new in a considered and stylish way.

After all, it is the sum of the parts which culminates into a complete story. This principle lies at the heart of smart design!

Internal and external colour schemes were turned on their head. All window treatments were revamped.  Stunning lighting, furniture, rugs and accessories were all introduced into the mix.

Some spaces called for zone enhancement. Wasted spaces were converted into usable areas catering for the changing needs of the family.

A very exciting experience presented for the Clients as elements of change started to surface.

The project is not yet complete, but a consolidation of all design elements is currently coming together.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting projects and photos to demonstrate the strong outcomes achieved.